A Wing And A Prayer

For My Eyes Only

I think of might of just started to get used to being out in public, I was talking to people, basically acting normal. I had a job at a call center and I was in school. Still, and often there were miracles and/or things I cannot explain or understand. One day, while outside on a smoke break and amongst probably 10 to 20 co-workers I looked up to observe a flock of birds circling. It did not seem like the normal flight pattern of a group of birds and I was astonished. I remember looking around to see if anyone else noticed, and mind you I was convinced that my thoughts were heard by all, which was typical for this time in my life. No one responded to my thoughts or captive behavior so convinced they were aware and intentionally unmoved I just watched the birds in silence. Looking back, I view this as my opportunity to witness the lord’s devotion to my purpose.