A Wake Up Call

The Plan

It was going to be a Katt Williams show. It had been rough financially for a while because I was unemployed but now it was tax time. Things were shaky for me in other ways as well. I was paranoid, feeling that everyone was out to get me, lying to me, plotting against me, that kind of thing. Unfortunately, I went so far as to  ask God Why I was being forsaken.

The Execution

I think it must of been the day before  the show when everything changed. All of a sudden I could hear voices out of thin air. They were not only unexplainable, they were threatening and seemed to have anger directed at me. Everyone I knew seemed to intertwined and I would receive directions on what to say, where to look, what to wear and more.

The Culmination

I remember riding in the car, head down, nervous and still receiving direction on what to do. Also, there was the direction that I would fight my brother in law in the parking lot of the venue. Once seated I had my head down alot, staring into a really bright light but I do not believe the room was full though I’m sure there were other there outside of my party. Several times I was directed to acknowledge the higher seating sections though light blocked me from seeing if anyone was seated there. What happened next is too grand to append here.