Every Little Step

I was stunned that such a thing was happening where anyone could see, though noone did. Conversation was limited but I remember being told to pick up a coin and then chastised for doing so. I then got on the bus and went home like nothing happened, though I think another crip treatened to kill me that same night while I waited at the bus stop.

Who’s There?

I was getting on the bus one day and a guy, whom I took to be a crip based on his behavior and manner of speech, jumped in front of me in line and held up the line to let his homeboy go first. Once we were on the bus we began a confrontational conversation on the bus via my bloodline and I can say it got disrespectful on both our parts but really no harm done.

I believe it was that exact same night on my way back to the bus stop when I looked over my shoulder to see a person dressed in dark black but with glitter pajamas creeping around like a ninja. He was hiding in the shadows and behind objects. Once, I looked back and he poked his head out and I could see what I can only describe as a “oogie boogie” mask and a machette. 


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