The Other Side Of The Mountain


This post will not speak to one particular incident, but rather to where I am in my life spiritually and many of the experiences that got me here. I LOVE THE LORD! I spent too much time sad about things that shouldn’t of mattered but the Lord stayed with me and got me through it with patience and diligence, plus hope. Thanks to the blessings of the Lord which seem to know no end and other children of God things have been going really well. I feel like extroverting more, I am comfortable and confident with myself and my character. I am constantly aware of our Lord’s presence and good intentions in my life and I seem to always want to serve his will for me with intention, or at least I know I should feel that way and dedicate myself to developing that attitude which I hope is an early sign of faithfulness. I believe the Lord is intentionally trying to develop our relationship and I am constantly reminded to keep him in my thoughts and let his will dictate my actions, I like it. I pray to maintain this level of joy and peace of mind.